• Love Microfiber cloths!

    Since I purchased my first microfiber cloth five years ago, I can't clean without one in my hand!  I clean the bathroom fixtures, my glass stove top, my golf clubs, my kitchen counters!  If they are not on your radar, they need to be.  Then, you can't clean without one.

    The best part: they are inexpensive. You can find them at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and your grocery store.

    Look for them, try them and love them.


  1. JoyfulJ said...

    it may surprise you but many moms use them as cloth diaper soakers! Though microfiber can't be placed next to baby's bum or it will cause a rash as it will absorb all the protecting layer of oils etc from the skin surface leaving it unprotected from germs.
    I also use them to dust they are great! I found the 2 to a pack at target for $1 the other day and was ecstatic! They have so many uses!

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