• Time Is Of The Essence Tip: 011011

    There's just too little of it!

    The No. 1 tip to save it:  
    Never touch anything twice is you can avoid it.  If you pick it up, do something with it so that you don't have to touch it again...throw it in the trash, put it in the drawer, eat it.

    The No. 2 tip:

    Jan/Feb, 2011 Issue
    How timely, I just read this one in my latest issue of Somerset Studio, published by Stampington and  Company (Jan/Feb 2011):

    "The Undervalued Art Tool: Discipline"
    by Quinn McDonald.

     Being a "list maker" at heart this quote 
    from the article struck a cord with me:  

    "THREE-ITEM FOCUS:  Put the most important items from your to-do list on an index card.  That's your focus list."
    Ms. McDonald recommends you check this list several times during the day.  Make sure you are focusing your activities on these items.  It is easy to get side-tracked, speaking from personal experience.  I start multi-tasking and am off and running on a different track.  At the end of the day my most important projects have gone by the wayside.

    No. 3...an observation
    We make time to do what we want to do.  We are in control of our time.  There is always time for the important stuff...being with family and friends...having fun!  Remember you can't take it with you...except, who and what you know.

    Time is of the essence!


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