Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bacon, Bacon

Cut bacon in half when you open the package.  You can fry in a skillet, bake in a conventional oven or cook in the microwave.  It will not curl!

A little salt in a skillet will keep grease from splattering.  Don't overdo the salt!

Cook in the microwave on a plate covered with paper towels.  You can put several layers of bacon and towels to cook enough for several servings.  Cover with a paper plate.  It is best to set the time long enough to cook the entire batch.  I have noticed if I keep nuking it one minute at a time, it will be too chewy.  The time depends on the size of your microwave oven.  You will get a feel for it over time.  We still like bacon fried in a skillet best.

Keep end pieces and too thin/thick pieces in a bag in your freezer.  I use them on top of my meat loaf, in green beans and topping my baked beans.

Happy Bacon cooking and eating!

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