• What Oil Do I Use?

    I am always at a loss when I am ready to cook with Olive Oil.  Which one do I use for salads and which one do I use for cooking? I came across the answer in the January,2002, "Martha Stewart Living " magazine in her 'ask martha' column.  I cut it out and have just unearthed it in my effort to do a little Spring cleaning.

    The question was:  "I am confused by the many types of oils on the market-avocado, grapeseed, nut oils, and so on.  How do I now which to use and when?  It was the 'so on' that caught my attention.

    I am summarizing the highlights of her answer:

    Cooking oils, like corn, canola, sunflower, peanut, safflower, grapeseed and vegetable oils, are sold in great quantities and at lower prices than their counterparts.  They have a high "smoke point", which is the temperature at which the oil starts to smoke and burn.

     Avocado oil is most often found in skin creams and lotions but can be used in the kitchen. I vote on it for soap. I have a passion for flavored soap.

    Oils like olive and grapeseed can be used as a cooking oil or a flavor oil.  

    Dark olive oil, such as extra-virgin, tend to be aromatic and intensely flavored.  They are great for lower-temperature sauteing or for salads and marinades.  

    Light olive oil has been refined and doesn't have a strong flavor.  It is best for higher-temperature sauteing, frying, or baking.

    I mainly use canola oil for frying...or spraying lightly to fry an egg.  However, I keep olive oil in stock. 

     Now I know which is which if I just remember it when I get to the store.  


  1. JoyfulJ said...

    I love coconut oil!!!! It is amazing to saute in, I use it to replace crisco, or butter sometimes, I mix it half and half with butter for sprinkling on popcorn, putting on a piping hot baked potato, etc, it cuts back the calories but still get the butter taste!
    I also use it in home made deodorant, toothpaste, in place of lotion, or deep oil treatments for hair, treat cradle cap for my baby, as a protective layer on babies bum to gaurd against rashes it is cloth diaper friendly! It is used in home made soaps, home made oils, a good mix in massage oil, I sometimes use it to shave with but it isn't the best for that.
    All in all coconut oil has a huge place in our lives!
    You have a new follower!
    Come see me at http://leasenchantedcloth.blogspot.com

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