• Making Paper-Cloth

    While trading one of my Artist Trading Cards from my Gallery on ATCs For All, I found this wonderful and fun technique. The card I received was made from paper-cloth.My trading friend was kind enough to give m a short lesson in making paper out of cloth.

    The rest is history: I was intrigued, bought a book, got out the glue and stuff. As a result I now have some paper-cloth to use in my collages...or one may evolve into a piece of art all by itself!

    I love making paper cloth!!! The book I bought was  Stitch Alchemy by Kelli Perkins. You can read all about it on her blog: Kelli Nina Perkins by clicking on this link.  She told me everything I needed to know...plus some inspiration.

    Basically, it is the layering of a base fabric like muslin and any papers that you have (scrapbook paper, stamps, ephemera) and covering it with a glue and water mixture. 

     You have to have some room to spread out your wet paper-cloth and leave it out until it is dry.  Then you can paint it, stamp it, draw on it , whatever you want to do to it! 

    Next step: Paint


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