The best information I have ever gotten from a Photography Class:

    "Put your focal point in one of the thirds or the junctions of a third in a grid."

    Your camera has a grid. Turn it on and keep it on.  When you line up your shot, put your focal point as close as you can to one of the four intersections of the lines. Never put it in the middle.  Your mind does not find that as pleasing...so "they" say...who is "they"?

    Even artists who work in another medium such as watercolors, oil, pastels, or acrylics know this to be true.  Look at some pictures and see what you think. Check out these roses:

    See where your eye travels...

    What do you think?
    Did your eye travel to
    the upper left-hand intersection?
    Mine did!  ...End of Tip!
    Of course, keep in mind that
    'every rule is meant to be broken'.
    Keep this tip in mind
    but go with what is most
    pleasant to your mind's eye~


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