• What would I do without??? Tip No.: 012011

    The two kitchen tools I can't seem to put down are the kitchen scissors and the tongs.  
    My husband bought the scissors over ten years ago from one of those "gadget" ads that are in the back of magazines.  It is one of the best purchases he ever made, not considering my new 2010 Honda CRV!  

    They are indestructible.  They will cut anything; plus, last week I discovered they will open a bottle...ok, I know I'm slow at times! 

    The tongs...called "tweezers" in our house...are used to turn bacon when frying, serving spaghetti from the stove and grabbing things that go down the disposal.  

    (added tip:  do not put your hand down in the disposal when it is "live"....unplug it first! ).  No, I did not find out the hard way. No, I don't think it will turn on without help.  I am more confident fishing around for a lost marble-don't ask!-or piece of metal when it is unplugged.  Peace of Mind is worth something!


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