• Sponge it!

    Every time I run my dishwasher I throw in my dish sponges and brushes.  (Tip within the Tip: Be sure and lodge it it in between dishes really good to keep it from flying around in the dishwasher.) 
    Gets and keeps them clean.  

    I also keep a supply. When they get "yucky"*, I throw them into the "use on 'yucky' projects" box.  After that, I pitch them.  Sponges are noted for harboring bacteria.  Keep them clean or throw them out.

    I discovered this cleaning product when visiting friends in Illinois..."dish scrub".  There are several manufacturers. Your local grocery probably carries one of them on the kitchen supply aisle along with the brooms and mops. It is very inexpensive and has refills.  When that sponge gets "yucky", I just throw it out and put on a new one.

    What we do without it?  We use it to clean our dishes before we put them in the dishwasher! I know "they" say the dishwasher needs dirt to help with the cleaning process.  I have not found that to be true.  Maybe I just have an old dishwasher.  Also, there are just two of us so we only run it when it gets full not every day...maybe every other day. 

    *"yucky" is a very technical term...meaning it is so gross; it is not described by any other term.


  1. JoyfulJ said...

    Lol yeah I through all my dishwashing brushes in the dishwasher a couple times a week. I also change any rags every day because the smell so stale, I hate getting that smell on my hands! It is so hard to get off!

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