• Postcard Souvenirs

    From latest trip to Natchez, Mississippi
    Many years ago I decided to start sending myself a postcard while I was on a trip instead of bringing home any more dust catchers.  It was a good way to document each trip.

    From San Francisco...
    Note Golden Gate Bridge
    and Small Boat
    I want to be ready so I keep postcard stamps in my purse at all times.  They do not cost as much as postage to mail a letter.  I like to mail it at the Post Office in the town we are visiting so I can get their postmark.  Sometimes they are as interesting as the postcard. 

    A photo album that I converted
    to hold my cards. Sometimes I have to
    crop the card to fit.

    I am so glad I did.  My Postcard Album has now become a Travel Journal covering many years.  When I want to remember when we made a certain trip, I turn to the Journal.


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