• It's Time!

    Time to change out our closets....

    For me...it's Labor Day! So, I put away the white shoes and get out the "transitional" cottons! Yes, I am dating myself.  I know people still wear white after Labor Day and so do I....also, flip flops. After all, it is still hot in Arkansas after Labor Day!

    My tip:  When you put away your Summer clothes and bring out your Fall clothes and rearrange your closet, flip all of your hangers backwards.  Then, as you wear an item, hang it the opposite way. At the end of the season check the hangers.  If there are any that you have not worn (those still hanging backwards), it is time to donate them to someone that needs them more than you. You can "hand them down" to friends or family or donate them to a charity.  Give them up!  Let loose!  

    Update: on my commitment to "Throw Out Fifty Things": 8 crepe myrtles and 50 iris from my garden, 100 CD's when I uploaded my albums to I-Tunes, 30 pairs of socks, 22 picture frames, 3 boxes of Christmas decorations,25 Wild Turkey collectible bottles,Repro ladies roll-top desk w/lamp,2 storage tubs of ceramics...I am now up to 14 items.  This is a lot more time and is harder than I ever imagined..  However, every time I give "stuff" away I feel lighter.  "Stuff" just weighs me down.  


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