• Retirement 101: No. 4 TIME IS UP!

    Get out and Get going!  What have you always wanted to do, but couldn't or just didn't make the time for it?  Pencil and paper time-make a list of  "always wanted to do's" and why!

    After my 'one year off' stretched to three years, it was past time.  I needed something to do that #1 would get me out of the house; #2 be around people; and #3 I had always wanted to do.  That something for me was being a librarian.  My educational opportunity didn't lead me there so I that's where I headed. 

    I volunteered in the Sale Room at the Central Arkansas Library System.  True I wasn't a librarian, as such, but I was in one and shelving books like I was one.  Also, it met all 
    of my criteria.  

    Me-Bottom Shelf on Left

    Before I knew it, I was working a few hours a week as a Page at the Fletcher Branch as well as volunteering.  Next, I found myself with the title of Library Assistant I.  Who knew?

    Then, we decided to move to Hot Springs Village.  In the process, we needed to get rid of a lot of 'stuff'.  I had most of the 'stuff' left over from my days in the Flea Market Business.  I a lovely lady at the library suggested I look at selling the 'stuff' on Etsy.com.  The rest is history.  I opened my shop, Esmee Lynne in July, 2011. 

    My goals: get rid of all the 'stuff'; make some WAM (Walking Around Money); and have fun doing it.  I am proud to say that after two years I am accomplishing these goals. --Doesn't meet my criteria, but it's Mine.

    I retired again from my day job when we moved to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. And, yes, you guessed it! I am volunteering at the Hot Springs Village Coronado Library.  I found other activities that meet my criteria:  Quilt Guild and Computer Club. (Still thinking about the Camera Club?)   

    Over 8,000 Volumes
    Lots of Patrons
    keeps one busy!

    Golf was never on my 'wish I had done that' list, but I find that it meets #1 and #2 of my criteria.  Chuck and I try to play once a week.  It is quickly becoming something 'I want to do'. It gives us an activity to do together.  As does, Brush Strokes, a Village art club.  Chuck is an acrylic artist and I do mixed media/altered art projects...Another 'together' activity.

    If I can 'Get Out and Get Going',
    you can do it, too!  
    My Motto: Keep moving!


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